If you’ve been to a concert in Nashville over the last few years, chances are you’ve seen a member or two of Johnny Appleseed. They’ve backed up nearly everyone in town—artists like Kelsey Waldon, JP Harris, Erin Rae, Cale Tyson, Luke Bell and Margo Price to name a few. The members of Johnny Appleseed have made appearances on countless records and tours with these artists and others, making them integral players in the Americana Renaissance happening in Nashville. All the while, these prodigious sidemen have been concocting and perfecting their own sound.
Andrew Hunt (vocals/bass) and Mark Sloan (guitar) grew up playing music together in a suburb of St. Louis but broke up the high school rock band when college rolled around. Flash forward a few years and the two had reunited, this time in Nashville. Both nurtured an interest for old school country music and slowly found a community in the city’s burgeoning Americana/trad country scene. After meeting Brett Resnick (pedal steel) and Casey Driscoll (fiddle), the core of Johnny Appleseed was formed. Now, after hundreds of shows, an EP, and thousands of miles, the band is set to release their long anticipated full-length debut next month.
“We caught a little portion of local honky-tonk outfit Johnny Appleseed’s killer and remarkably tight performance… Those dudes make true-blue American country music in the classic sense of the term.” -Nashville Scene
“The seemingly always onstage band Johnny Appleseed…” -Rollingstone Country
“New Nashville ensemble Johnny Appleseed is on it, with a sound that’s original yet true to its influences… How did we like them Apples? A whole lot.” -Craig Havighurst of Music City Roots

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