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Live on Music City Roots

We had a fantastic time on Music City Roots last week. Here’s a video of our performance and an excerpt of a review of the show.

“Western swing is an enduring tradition because it feels so good, but the world’s not overfull of musicians willing to develop the bewitching combination of instrumental chops and laid back sensibility it takes to do it well. But man, new Nashville ensemble Johnny Appleseed is on it, with a sound that’s original yet true to its influences. The first few tunes were comfortable swinging band-penned numbers. They lent some rockabilly tone with a cover of a Carl Perkins song called “Dixie Fried” that jumped like BR549 on a Lower Broadway Saturday Night. But the show stopper for me was “What Would You Say.” It started as a lush ballad with brilliant pedal steel from Brett Resnick and pretty jazz doodles from electric guitarist Mark Sloan. The impressive voice of lead singer Andrew Hunt really glowed with baritone beauty on this one. And the song grew with savvy arranging into a kind of burlesque romp with complex lines blending fiddle, steel and guitar. How did we like them Apples? A whole lot.” -Craig Havighurst

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